A Jensen Spook Stalker Seatrout. Uppgradering av tidigare prisbelönt spö!

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SPOOK SEATROUT ETT FLUGSPÖ GJORT FÖR KUSTEN!Leveranstid ca 10 dagar!The new Spook Seatrout from A.Jensen is built to meet the standards of the modern saltwater

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Leveranstid ca 10 dagar!

The new Spook Seatrout from A.Jensen is built to meet the standards of the modern saltwater fisherman. These rods are build from the knowledge we have got from earlier big sellers like Spook Stalker, Argon and Seatrout Specialist.

We have upgraded on all flanks, using top of the shelve fitting and raw material. The action is a bit more crisp, that the “old” Spook Stalker, and using 45 tons + IM8 Nano material has ensured an even stronger and lighter version……All efforts was targetting towards designing and making the best possible rod for fishing seatrout in the sea.

And to be honest; we must admit that this model is one that we are really proud of!!!

The rods comes in the “traditional” 9′ length, but also in 8′, that has kind of become our trademark the last 8-10 years.

If you have never tried one of these 8′ rods before – well we can only urge you to try. Without saying too much, we dare to say that there is a good chance that they will change your opinion what the perfect length for a saltwater rod is………The 8′ models are really powerful, and you get an incredible line speed with them – which will give you long casts and high backcasts that keeps clear of the back.When you lift them for the first time, you will probably think they feel almost too light, like several classes lighter, but that all changes when the line starts flying, and if a big fish takes your fly and brute power is needed, then it really demonstrates its “rhino” backbone. Said in a few words… – Go to one of our dealers and try it – let the rod “Speak” for it self !!!!

We designed the rod to be matt black all over, even the guides, to avoid flare and spooking shy fish in skinny water. On top of that we used our SBD (Slim Blank Design) to create a very slim rod that cuts through the wind like a knife, something all still water fishermen appreciate when trying to achieve long casting in windy conditions.

We have used the highest obtainable quality fittings, and adjusted every detail based on field testing along the danish coast.

The SPOOK SEATROUT is a very slim and extremely light rod, with a huge amount of power, yet very delicate and sensitive. Try and lift and shake it – I’m sure you will be amazed by the lightness, and you will for sure be sceptic if classification is right, as it feels several classes lighter. Come by us or one of our dealers and try it with a line on – let the rod convince you, not us!!!!

The SBD (slim blank design) and AHT (advanced helical technology) assures a fast rod with great casting potential on both short and long distance, and a phenomenal low weight.


  • 45 Tons graphite + IM8 Nano Material
  • SBD (Slim Blank Design)
  • Advanced Helical Taper technology
  • Top quality Portuguese cork handles – Grade AAAA
  • American Tackles High Performance Titanium Stripping guides
  • Beautiful reel seat in airspace graded aluminiumand top grade cork
  • Super Hard Chrome double leg snakes and top guides
  • Dots for correct and easy assembling of rod parts
  • Supplied in Cordura rod tube


LengthAFTMRec. Shooting headWeightPcs.Handle
8′614 g73 g.4Full Wells + Fighting Butt
8′716 g79 g.4Full Wells + Fighting Butt
9′614 g86 g.4Full Wells + Fighting Butt
9′716 g90 g.4Full Wells + Fighting Butt